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Some of our Treasured, much loved Arts and Koi Based Domains and Web Sites:


Some of our treasured Domains in reference to the future of Science and areas in which I like to apply my Mind. The Universe is full of so many wonders, the subjects of Astro Physics, Astronomy and Cosmology, playgrounds for the greatest minds. The domains and subject area below are my little contribution, purely a devotion of love. As an Artist, Musician, Scientist, Amateur Astronomer, Innovator, Inventor and Environmentalist the wonders of the Universe have fuelled my Mind ever since a child and will forever continue to do so. There is so much to yet be explained, explored, seen or recorded, wow what a frontier.

 Astro Sciences:


We have others including our projects in process, these will be live and added soon. As passionate Scientists, Artists, Engineering specialists and technological Innovators we have numerous passions, related Domains and projects in planning.

Bond Arts

We are Selling off some of our vast portfolio of Top .com and other TLD Domains:

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